Our Clinicians

Laura D’Angelo, LCSW. I am a warm, nonjudgmental, interactive therapist, with 20 years of clinical experience. Together, we will develop a deeper understanding of your emotions, thoughts, behaviors and relationship patterns in order to create a new, better experience with an increased sense of well being.

My approach includes a blend of evidence-based modalities including (CBT) cognitive behavioral therapy as well as mindfulness based, existential, humanistic and psychodynamic approaches. "Imago Couples Dialogue" is often used when working with couples, to help you reestablish your connection with your partner, Among my many areas of interest are people challenged by anxiety, addictions and relationship issues. I am 12 step knowledgable.

In my work, I am respectful of your lifestyle choice and individual path. Most insurances are accepted. Please call or text 845 596 8481 or email ldange8@aol.com


Janice Blake Bergman, PhD has been a New York State licensed clinical psychologist since 1984. She employs an eclectic approach to therapy including psychoanalytic (graduated NYU postdoctoral program in 1992), interpersonal and CBT. She specializes in working with adults in individual and couples treatment. She has expertise treating alcohol, substance abuse, over eating and other compulsive behaviors. Most insurance is accepted.


Lenore Green, LCSW - My therapy practice includes individuals, marital, family and group modalities. I have extensive experience in the field of substance abuse. I also have much experience with Women and Depression and relationship issues. I have utilized modalities which include relaxation and stress reducing techniques as well as relational, insight and cognitive therapies.


Parveesh Sharma, MD - For Information, call 845-608-3611


Susan Smith, LCSW - Hi. I am Susan Smith, a licensed clinical social worker with a psychotherapy practice at this location in Nanuet, NY. I work with children, adolescents and adults with an array of behavioral problems and diagnoses such as Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, ADHD, and Borderline Personality Behavior. In addition I have been intensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy a Cognitive-Behavior treatment with a mindfulness component. DBT addresses some of the most serious problems people face tolerating distress and regulating emotions with the overall goal of helping them create a life worth living.

I accept most insurance plans. Call (845) 642-0539 to schedule an appointment.


Linda Rosen, PsyD. earned a Masters in Counseling at Cornell and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Hahnemann Medical School, Phila, PA. With 25+ years in the field, she has a specialty in helping children, adolescents and adults understanding and coping with anxiety, depression, life changes, trauma, communication issues and dealing with difficult people in stressful life situations. Dr. Rosen uses a combination of dynamic, empathetic therapy together with cognitive behavioral therapy which is especially helpful for specific impulse problems such as eating disorders, self esteem and relationship issues. Couples are welcome. Dr. Rosen employs current, timely, and natural approaches, such as "mindfulness" as alternatives to medication when appropriate. Therapy is a way to review what would help you to remove obstacles to personal happiness and move forward to achieve goals or greater life satisfaction.


Tricia Larkin, LCSW has been a clinician for 25 yrs, working with substance abusers and their families to reclaim living life more fully - finding joy and acceptance, leaving depression and anxiety behind.


Thomas Miller, LCSW, CASAC is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in the treatment of substance abuse disorders.I am a warm compassionate clinician, twelve-steps knowledgeable and employ a motivational approach to treatment with Impaired Driver evaluations available.


Steve Green, LCSW, 30+ years of clinical practice. Specialized in eating disorders. Experience in marital/couple therapy. Trauma. Addictions. Human sexuality. Loss/grief. Life transitions. Non-judgmental about lifestyle choices. Despite diagnostic labels,
values each individual’s unique life story.


Valerie Baker, PH.D, Lmhc is a psychotherapist and yoga instructor who integrates yoga principles and practices in her talk therapy work with individuals, families, and couples. She views concerns that bring people to therapy as calls for change. Dr. Baker helps her clients examine their lives holistically—considering the mental, emotional, physical/health, relational, career/financial, and spiritual domains. She encourages her clients to connect with their vision for their preferred present and future and develop capacities to align their lives with their vision. Dr. Baker sees her role as that of a life coach who uses psychotherapy and yoga techniques to empower people to experience more joy, love, and abundance in their lives. For more information, please visit www.valeriebaker.com. To make an appointment, please call 917.673.3299 or email valeriebakerphd@gmail.com.


Khalid Khan, MD - For information, call 845 627 3413 ext. 123


Dr. Abraham Kuperberg is a certified Psychologist licensed within the States of New York and New Jersey. Areas of specialization include intellectual/developmental disabilities as well as forensic evaluations and reports for legal purposes. He can be reached at 627-1000. His web site is WWW.BehaviorHealth.Org


Karen Dubiner, Ph.D. - I have an M.A. in Psych, M.S.W. in Social Work, Ph.D. in Psychology, and a certificate in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy. I practice as a licensed psychologist, and have extensive training and practice in the areas of child, adolescent, and adult individual/couples/family therapy, as well as parent counseling. Individuals who are involved in the literary, performing, and fine arts also seek out my expertise. I maintain private practices in Rockland County and Manhattan, and serve as a Clinical Supervisor at Teachers College, Columbia University in the Clinical Psychology PhD Program.

My approach is integrative and tailored to meet the treatment needs of individuals who are suffering and seeking out my expertise. My work incorporates aspects of psycho-dynamic theory and practice, as well as Cognitive Behavioral strategies, Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Evolutionary Aesthetics. I can be reached for consultation at 212-873-8904.


Larry S. Borakove, Ph.D. I am a N.Y.S. Licensed Psychologist and have 40 years of experience treating individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I have additional post-doctoral degrees and I am a Diplomate of the American College of Psychological Specialties and a Fellow of the American Board of Forensic Examiners. My private practice has been largely devoted to the treatment and evaluation of individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities who reside at home, in family or foster care, or in group homes or supportive apartments, with the goal of facilitating their independence and adjustment to community settings and the proper utilization of community resources.



Please be aware that our clinicians are independent practitioners who have no legal connections to each other.

Our Clinicians